We are extremely adapted to learn, develop, deliver and support all type of learning management tools including:

  • Enterprise LMS
  • Lite LMS
  • Tracking tools

Myl (Manage Your Learning) is a Learning Management System (LMS) that is very easy to use, reliable and able to accommodate all learning needs. It can be used to manage and upload courses, assign them to learners and track their results.

Myl is designed to support your small, medium and large organizations to deliver successful elearning and training programs. The flexibility in deployment options with customisable features makes it a perfect solution for your growing learning requirements.

Myl includes dashboard, intuitive user interface, notification, certification, automated features and reports. You can easily grow your solution over time in terms of numbers of learners, courses and functionality. It can be fully branded to your requirements, giving users a positive first impression and an increased engagement.

From Enterprise LMS to a simple tracking tool, we offer a solution for your learning and training requirements.